Sectors We Serve

Hospital Catering and Housekeeping Services

Hospital CateringWhen it comes to finding the right hospital catering solution and meeting your patient feeding requirements, whatever the scale – our expertise and innovation with hospital food can help you.

We are continually developing new ideas for the preparation and distribution of quality hospital food to patients and residents, with emphasis on the best methods of service, style, nutritional value, presentation and wider choice. Our hospital catering menus reflect today’s diversity of taste and increasing demands for international cuisine. Full nutritional analysis and support is provided and our chefs, dieticians and catering managers work with your teams to develop a range of initiatives to promote dietary excellence.

To complement our patient catering service, we can deliver hospital food to the ward door working seamlessly with ward staff or we can provide a total ward based hostess service. In care homes we cook well presented and varied meals which will delight your residents – all freshly prepared on the premises. We help you to maintain nutrition and hydration levels, providing detailed dietetic analysis of all the patient catering menus supplied.

School Catering and Housekeeping Services

School CateringOur award winning school meals have never tasted better and we are proud to offer pupils across the borough a great range of delicious, healthy meals, using locally sourced, high quality ingredients. We have built a reputation in country for providing delicious food, beautiful, creative presentation and impeccable personal service.

We work closely with students/teachers and all stakeholders in order to be pro-active in our bench-marking and to enable us to continue to develop the catering facilities, constantly bringing new ideas, products and menu items that will keep the catering facilities at your school/college fresh and fully reflect everyone’s needs.

Construction Sites Catering Services

construction companiesRHS was created to provide a cost effective and practical solution to on-site catering needs. Be it mobile catering, building site catering or even portable canteens we ensure that construction sites have good quality food and refreshments available at the times they are needed and have found this to be beneficial to both staff and employers alike. Many of the places that we service require remote site catering and operate out of normal working hours. Obviously the requirement to provide suitable facilities for staff is essential and we have a range of services designed to fit any location or site type.

The benefit for workers is good quality subsidized food provisions including tea and coffee, a good variety of refreshments and the ability to feed back to a dedicated service with requests and requirements listened to and acted on. We offer a comprehensive service which we can tailor to meet your site requirements. We will install and set up your canteen services. We will ensure the facility meets the required Health and Safety standards. It is essential to provide staff at the required level to match the various stages of build and commission, according to the manpower present on the building site during the construction progress.

Offshore/ Remote Site Catering Services

Remote Site CateringBeing in an extreme, remote or hostile environment means it’s usually pretty difficult to pop out for a sandwich or order in a pizza. In fact it’s almost certain that your diet is totally in the hands of the camp solutions provider.

Whether you are at a construction site in the depths of a jungle, hundreds of miles offshore on a rig, in a remote military base or miles from running water on frozen tundra, RHS can provide a full catering service to meet your exact requirements.

People working in extreme environments are especially appreciative of services that improve their quality of life, that’s why RHS maintains the highest standards of hospitality services for our camp solutions. We are committed to taking care of employees by providing a well-balanced and nutritional diet.

Mining & Drilling Catering Services

Minning and drillingDrawing on our expertise, experience and innovation, we work with you from mobilization of a new mining project and the management of on-site facilities, to providing high-quality food service and creating a healthy lifestyle environment for your mine site.

We aim to offer workers a taste of home in even the most remote mining locations. Our healthy food options will leave your mining workforce refreshed, refueled and can ultimately improve their productivity. Our wide range of food service solutions is designed to cater for any size of venue and we can provide everything including free-flow restaurants, formal dining and even food courts.

Event Management and Catering Services

Event CateringRHS is a wedding planner cum catering expert in Chennai. As a wedding planner, catering service provider, we have many years of experience in catering services and organizing marriage, events, birthday parties, house warming functions & other parties. RHS provides all kind of catering services for events at a lower cost with the assurance of best quality than other caterers and wedding planners in Chennai.

RHS shall serve food for events in many ways (traditional sit down catering service or buffet catering service), as you wish the food to be served. RHS will also give you creative catering suggestions on selecting food menu as well.

Wedding planners, wedding caterers, party caterers and event caterers come in all shapes and sizes in Chennai, RHS caters both corporate events and wedding events/parties from 10 to 10000 people as part of catering service. Based on the theme, we can provide catering services and other event arrangements for your parties or meetings.

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